Apr 2021 testing2
Apr 2021 testing
Mar 2021 How Search Engines Are Dealing With Fake News
Mar 2021 Practice PowerPoint Presentations Anywhere
Mar 2021 Live Captions Expanded To Chrome Web Browser
Mar 2021 Ransomware Payouts Tripled Last Year
Mar 2021 Are Macs More Secure Than PCs?
Mar 2021 Getting The Most From Spotify
Mar 2021 Remote Working, The New Norm. Er, Is It?
Mar 2021 Two ISPs Helped Secret Government Web Spying
Mar 2021 Google Tracking Cookies
Mar 2021 Microsoft’s ‘Teams Connect’ Challenges Slack
Mar 2021 UK’s First Till-less 'Walk Out' Shop
Mar 2021 AI 'LitterCam' Target Motorists Who Throw Rubbish From Cars
Mar 2021 What Is Clubhouse?
Mar 2021 Get Paid By Your 'Super Followers' on Twitter
Mar 2021 More Remote Workers Trusting Mobile Data For Important 'Stuff'
Mar 2021 Google Alerts Used In Malware Scam
Feb 2021 AI and Automation in Recruitment
Feb 2021 How Likely Are Vaccine Passports?
Feb 2021 Condemnation For Facebook After Blocking News
Feb 2021 Post Office Biometric Authentication
Feb 2021 Energy Consumption and Carbon Production From Bitcoin and Other Tech
Feb 2021 Scotland Shames The Rest of UK for Free Electronic Car Charging
Feb 2021 Coronavirus Lockdown Increases ‘Romance Fraud’
Feb 2021 Man Sued For Bad Review on Trustpilot
Feb 2021 Amazon AI Cameras Prompt “Mobile Surveillance” Privacy Row
Feb 2021 'Custom Neural Voice' Available From Microsoft
Feb 2021 Google’s Record Advertising and Cloud Sales Due To Pandemic
Feb 2021 Emotet : A Million Bucks per Incident
Feb 2021 What's all the fuss about 'Robinhood' ?
Feb 2021 Grindr in Norway Fined £8.5M
Feb 2021 Contactless Payment Limit Could Be Raised to £100
Feb 2021 Poorest People Excluded By Broadband Prices
Jan 2021 Musk Offers $100 Million To Best Carbon Capture Inventor
Jan 2021 Google Mobile Search Re-Design
Jan 2021 Google Going In Oz?
Jan 2021 What Is Zero Trust?
Jan 2021 PC Sales Get Biggest Boost in 10 Years From Remote Working
Jan 2021 Data About You Held By UK Government
Jan 2021 Electric Cars Allowed in Bus Lanes Pilot Causes Concern
Jan 2021 Signal Crashes Due To Millions of Sign-Ups
Jan 2021 WhatsApp To Share Users' Personal Info
Jan 2021 Brexit – Temporary Data Adequacy Granted to the UK
Jan 2021 Trump Banned on Social Media
Jan 2021 Rules & Regs : Social Media
Jan 2021 Those Who Understand Stats Less Prone To COVID
Jan 2021 Tesla Delivered (Almost) 500,000 Vehicles in 2020
Jan 2021 Bitcoin Skyrockets
Jan 2021 AI in 2021 For Small Businesses
Dec 2020 2020’s Big Tech Story Round-Up
Dec 2020 Voice and Video Calls For WhatsApp Next Year
Dec 2020 Personal Data Security Given Low Priority By Christmas Online Shoppers
Dec 2020 Microsoft’s New Password Manager Works Across Multiple Devices and Browsers
Dec 2020 Stay Safe Online This Christmas
Dec 2020 IR35 Tax Status Checker Tool Problems For 20 Per Cent of Users
Dec 2020 Hyundai Buying Robot Company
Dec 2020 Google’s DeepMind AI Makes Dramatic Breakthrough
Dec 2020 Technology : Post-Brexit
Dec 2020 Big AWS Outage Affects Large Proportion of the Internet and IoT
Dec 2020 New Competition Rules for Facebook and Google in the UK
Dec 2020 UK COVID Vaccine Maker Targeted By Suspected North Korean Hack
Nov 2020 The Difference Between Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage
Nov 2020 HMRC Self Assessment Scam Warning
Nov 2020 Apple to Pay £85 Million For 'Batterygate' Scandal
Nov 2020 Carbon Pollution From Your Emails
Nov 2020 Data Breaches : The Fallout
Nov 2020 Vanish Mode For Messenger and Instagram Chats
Nov 2020 Google Accused of Stealing Android Data
Nov 2020 Retail Adapting To Pandemic Christmas and Beyond
Nov 2020 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Nov 2020 Scammer Accidentally Calls Cyber-Crime Squad
Nov 2020 Language Used Reveals Societal Pandemic Anxiety
Nov 2020 WhatsApp Launches Self-Destruct Messages
Nov 2020 How Do You Know If Your Website Has Been Hacked?
Nov 2020 Huge Demand for Employee Monitoring Software
Nov 2020 AI COVID Cough Detector
Nov 2020 Disposable Email Addresses For Office 365 Users
Oct 2020 Password Security and The Road Ahead
Oct 2020 Sanctions Hurt Huawei
Oct 2020 PayPal To Support Cryptocurrencies
Oct 2020 Which? Reveals Truth About EV Battery Life
Oct 2020 Desktop Screen Recording Software
Oct 2020 Tech Increasing Domestic Abuse
Oct 2020 AI Image Captioning Gives More Accurate Descriptions Than Humans
Oct 2020 ‘Hum to Search’ Songfinder
Oct 2020 Learning From the WisePay Attack
Oct 2020 Buy Products Directly From YouTube
Oct 2020 New 'Breakout Rooms' For Google Meet Users
Oct 2020 Recycling Your Jumper
Oct 2020 Google To Pay Publishers $1 Billion
Oct 2020 Most People Happy With Virtual Doctors’ Appointments
Oct 2020 Facial Recognition, Facial Authentication and the Future
Oct 2020 COVID-19 Advances Move To Cashless Society
Oct 2020 NatWest’s Extra Layer of Behavioural Biometric Security
Oct 2020 Are You Being Tracked By WhatsApp Apps?
Sep 2020 Privacy Campaigners Challenge Government Over Test and Trace
Sep 2020 Cyber Security Top of List for Digital Transformation
Sep 2020 Uber Reclaims London Licence
Sep 2020 The Challenge of User Access Permissions
Sep 2020 Tips & Tools To Keep Kids Safe Online
Sep 2020 Zero-Emission, Hydrogen-Powered Commercial Aircraft by 2035 Says Airbus
Sep 2020 Whole Village’s Broadband Stopped By an Old TV
Sep 2020 Tech Giants Requested To Cease Kids Ads
Sep 2020 Just What Is The IoT?
Sep 2020 Amazon Review Fraud
Sep 2020 Influencers Paid To Promote NHS Test and Trace
Sep 2020 Voice-Control Your Printer
Sep 2020 Brexit Border IT Systems Behind Schedule
Sep 2020 Ensure What You See Is Real
Sep 2020 Virtual London Tech Week
Sep 2020 Microsoft Ending Support For Flash
Sep 2020 Zoom Zooms Thanks to Covid
Sep 2020 Elon Musk Demonstrates ‘Neuralink’ Using Live Pigs
Sep 2020 Delivery Drones Get Go Ahead
Sep 2020 Making Your Router Secure
Aug 2020 Record Broadband Compensation Pay-Outs
Aug 2020 Can Wearable Devices Spot Early Symptoms of COVID?
Aug 2020 What Are UVC Wands and Do They Work?
Aug 2020 Lockdown Love Scams
Aug 2020 Back To Work ! (at the office)
Aug 2020 Ritz Roasted
Aug 2020 Toyota To Upload Driver's Data To Amazon
Aug 2020 AI-Faked Photos and Videos Concerns
Aug 2020 Remote Working and Office 365
Aug 2020 Starling ... an Example of Challenger Bank Boosted During Pandemic
Aug 2020 Trump Terminates TikTok
Aug 2020 No More Laptops From Toshiba
Aug 2020 Try Using Microsoft 'Surveys' Function
Aug 2020 Apple Wants Rent Cuts With UK Landlords
Aug 2020 AI, Data Protection & The ICO
Aug 2020 The Start of Google and Facebook Paying For News Content?
Jul 2020 Free Delivery of Amazon Groceries
Jul 2020 Face Masks Beat Facial Recognition
Jul 2020 Antitrust and Big Tech
Jul 2020 Remote Working Means Public Cloud and DaaS Spend Increase
Jul 2020 1,000% More Gold In E-Waste Than Gold-Ore
Jul 2020 Test and Trace Breaks GDPR Say Campaigners
Jul 2020 Lockdown Has Promoted Digital Learning Among Adults
Jul 2020 Celebrity Twitter Accounts Hacked For Bitcoin
Jul 2020 Digital Addiction
Jul 2020 UK Rejects Huawei Equipment For 5G Infrastructure
Jul 2020 LinkedIn Sued Over Clipboard-Reading Allegations
Jul 2020 Free Cyber Security Testing Module For Remote Workers
Jul 2020 Huawei - A Ban in the Balance
Jul 2020 Competing Against Huawei
Jul 2020 Police Crack Encrypted Network To Reach Crime Gangs
Jul 2020 Twitter to Replace "Master", "Slave" and "Blacklist"
Jul 2020 Why Big Brands Are Boycotting Social Media
Jul 2020 New Windows File Recovery Tool Resurrects Deleted Files
Jul 2020 New "Watch Party" Feature For Amazon Prime
Jul 2020 New Edge Browser To All Windows 10 Users
Jun 2020 Medical Apps For Smart Devices
Jun 2020 Custom Backgrounds and Live Captions in Microsoft Teams
Jun 2020 After Pressure, Zoom Offers End-To-End Encryption for Everyone
Jun 2020 Big Tech Supporting Black-Owned Businesses
Jun 2020 Facial Recognition Backlash
Jun 2020 Voice and Contactless Technologies For a Safer Workplace
Jun 2020 COVID-19 Advances Move To Cashless Society
Jun 2020 NatWest’s Extra Layer of Behavioural Biometrics Security
Jun 2020 Electric Vehicles, Batteries & Renewables
Jun 2020 Facial Recognition, Photo Identity and Privacy Protection
Jun 2020 COVID Alerts From Google Maps
Jun 2020 Flying Taxis - Major Tesla Shareholder Funding
Jun 2020 New Tool Allows You To Bulk-Delete/Hide Old Facebook Posts
Jun 2020 Google Store Takes Down App That Removes Chinese Software
Jun 2020 Beware Fake Contact Tracer Messages
Jun 2020 A Look at Cookies
May 2020 eBay Port Scanning Causes Alarm
May 2020 Internet Speed Record
May 2020 NHS App For An “Immunity Passport”
May 2020 ‘Vishing’ and How to Guard Against It
May 2020 Virtual Restart For Housing Market
May 2020 Fuel Engine Car Sales Fall Faster Than Electric Cars
May 2020 Are Masks A Challenge To Facial Recognition Technology?
May 2020 Does Your Phone Have A Virus?
May 2020 How ‘Dark Mode’ Can Help
May 2020 Robot Dog Maintains Social Distancing
May 2020 More Warnings Over Scams Aimed at Zoom,Teams and Meet Users
May 2020 Virgin Media and O2 Join Together To Compete Against BT
May 2020 Businesses Get Extra Time To Meet New Payment Processing Rules
May 2020 How Tech is Helping Reduce Lockdown Stress and Mental Health Problems
May 2020 Apple and Google To Ban Location Tracking In Contact Tracing App
May 2020 A Glimpse of Work After Lockdown From New Government Guidelines
Apr 2020 Robot Food Deliveries in Milton Keynes During Lockdown
Apr 2020 Google Meet ‘Free For Everyone’
Apr 2020 UK Contact Tracing App In A Couple Of Weeks
Apr 2020 Facial Recognition and Super Computers Help in COVID-19 Fight
Apr 2020 How To Securely Dispose of Old Phones and PC’s and Laptops
Apr 2020 Amazon Can Own Deliveroo Because of Pandemic
Apr 2020 Laptops For Online Lessons at Home
Apr 2020 Google Blocks 18 Million Coronavirus Scam Emails Per Day
Apr 2020 The Incredible 5G and COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory
Apr 2020 Google’s Drone-Deliveries Boosted By Pandemic
Apr 2020 Make Your Own Adverts With YouTube’s Free Video Builder Tool
Apr 2020 Amazon Sacks Employees Who Questioned Pandemic Safety Measures
Apr 2020 Coronavirus Tracking
Apr 2020 Facebook Launches Desktop Messenger
Apr 2020 Data Reveals Business Worries About Remote Working Challenges
Apr 2020 YouTube Bans 5G and COVID-19 Link Conspiracy Videos
Apr 2020 Maintaining Security on Employee Exit
Apr 2020 Data Caps Removed During Pandemic
Apr 2020 Research Indicates Zoom Is Being Targeted By Cybercriminals
Apr 2020 Google Warns Against Disabling Websites During Lockdown
Mar 2020 Microsoft Teams User Numbers Up By 12 Million In A Week
Mar 2020 Cybercriminals Hijacking Netflix and Other Streaming Accounts
Mar 2020 Viruses Killed By Robots
Mar 2020 Facebook Video Quality Reduced To Cope With Demand
Mar 2020 Surge In Demand For Teleconference Apps and Platforms That Enable Home Working
Mar 2020 Cybercriminals Take Advantage of Covid-19 Outbreak With Phishing Emails
Mar 2020 Maintaining Security During The COVID-19 Health Crisis
Mar 2020 Apple Announces The Closure Of All Stores Outside China Until March 27
Mar 2020 How Much Does Google Know About You?
Mar 2020 Facebook Sued Down-Under For £266bn Over Cambridge Analytica Data Sharing Scandal
Mar 2020 Survey Reveals IR35 Tax Reforms Legal Action Risk For Private Sector Companies
Mar 2020 Coronavirus Outbreak : Remote Working For Tech Staff
Mar 2020 Gigabit, Ultrafast Broadband For One Million Households In The West Midlands
Mar 2020 Billions Of Devices At Risk Due To Wi-Fi Chip Vulnerability
Mar 2020 AI Skills Course Available
Mar 2020 Coronavirus Affecting Tech Shares
Feb 2020 Worries About Huawei Persist
Feb 2020 Google Indexing Makes WhatsApp Group Links Visible
Feb 2020 Dentist’s Legal Challenges To Anonymity of Negative Google Reviewer
Feb 2020 5G Explained
Feb 2020 AI, Supercomputers ... and Storm Dennis
Feb 2020 UK Job Candidates Favour Tech-Savvy Companies
Feb 2020 Google In Talks About Paying Publishers For News Content
Feb 2020 ‘Runet’ Test - Russia Unplugs Itself From The Internet
Feb 2020 Growth in Threats To Apple Compared To Windows Machines
Feb 2020 Amazon Offering Custom ‘Brand Voice’ to Replace Default Alexa Voice
Feb 2020 Apple Fined £21M For Slowing Old iPhones
Feb 2020 Combatting Fake News
Feb 2020 Innovations/Gamechangers to Expect in 2020
Feb 2020 Business Leaders Lack Vital Digital Skills Says OU Survey
Feb 2020 Tracking For People Who Lose Things
Feb 2020 WhatsApp Ceases Support For More Old Phone Operating Systems
Jan 2020 Life After End-of-Life For Windows 7 Updates
Jan 2020 Avast Anti-Virus Is To Close Subsidiary Jumpshot After Browsing Data Selling Privacy Concerns
Jan 2020 Police Images of Serious Offenders Reportedly Shared With Private Landlord For Facial Recognition Trial
Jan 2020 Proposed New UK Law To Cover IoT Security
Jan 2020 Eating Lunch At Your Desk Brings Health Risks
Jan 2020 £100m Fines Across Europe In The First 18 Months of GDPR
Jan 2020 EU Considers Ban on Facial Recognition
Jan 2020 ‘Snake’ Ransomware, A Threat To Your Whole Network
Jan 2020 Facebook Bans Deepfake Videos
Jan 2020 Want A Walkie-Talkie? Now You Can Use Your Phone and MS Teams
Jan 2020 .ORG Silence Continues After ICANN Imposes Temporary Sale Halt
Jan 2020 End of Life Date for Windows 7 Has Now Passed
Jan 2020 Blue Light Thinking Wrong Suggests Research
Jan 2020 AI Better at Breast Cancer Detection Than Doctors
Jan 2020 Glimpse of the Future of Tech at CES Expo Show
Jan 2020 Email Security (Part 2)
Dec 2019 Real-time Phishing Protection Now Available in Chrome
Dec 2019 New Google 'Interpreter' : Real-Time Translator For Your Mobile
Dec 2019 New Phishing Tracker For Office 365
Dec 2019 Email Security (Part 1)
Dec 2019 Facebook’s New Tool Allows You To Port Your Photos & Videos To Google
Dec 2019 Record Levels Of Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Dec 2019 Over Half of Businesses Don’t Respond To GDPR Requests On Time
Dec 2019 Exploring Encryption
Dec 2019 Amazon Announces Smart Office Supply Re-Ordering Device
Dec 2019 The Battle Between ‘Slack’ and ‘Teams’
Dec 2019 Hacker's Website Closed Down In International Operation
Dec 2019 The Difference Between Backup and Disaster Recovery
Nov 2019 Some Of The Tech 'Promises' Made By The Main Political Parties
Nov 2019 Windows Still Need Some Work on Tesla’s New “Cybertruck”
Nov 2019 Google Or Samsung Android Cameras Could Be Spying On You
Nov 2019 5G Mobile Network is 450% Faster Than 4G in Tests
Nov 2019 Uber Loses London Licence
Nov 2019 End of Life for Windows 7 14 January 2020
Nov 2019 Google To Offer Bank Accounts
Nov 2019 Research Says Memes Can Tell Between Humans and Bots
Nov 2019 New Brave Browser : Blocks Ads, Pays Rewards
Nov 2019 Despite Patches, Researchers Warn That Intel Chips Are Still Vulnerable
Nov 2019 Microsoft Edge Gets Business Upgrade
Nov 2019 Google Announces New ‘Teachable Machine 2.0’ No-Code Machine Learning Model Generator
Nov 2019 Scale of Police Computer Misuse Uncovered
Nov 2019 ‘Moore’s Law’ and Business Innovation Challenged By Slow-Down In Rate of Processing Power Growth
Nov 2019 $20 Million Fight Highlights Value of Social Media
Nov 2019 Microsoft Announces New, Integrated 'Office' Suite App For Mobile Devices
Nov 2019 BBC Puts News On 'Dark Web Browser' To Avoid Censorship
Nov 2019 Office 365 Voicemail Phishing Scam Warning
Nov 2019 ICO Warns Police on Facial Recognition
Nov 2019 Businesses Not Prepared For IR35 Tax Reforms
Oct 2019 Facebook ‘News’ Tab on Mobile App
Oct 2019 “Stalkerware” Partner-Spying Software Use Rises By 35% In One Year
Oct 2019 Tough Questions About Libra Cryptocurrency
Oct 2019 Google Leadership Accused Of Developing Internal Surveillance Tool
Oct 2019 Microsoft Beats Amazon to $10 Billion AI Defence Contract for ‘Jedi’
Oct 2019 Equifax Hack Inevitable Says Lawsuit
Oct 2019 Why You May Be Cautious About Installing The Latest Windows 10 Update
Oct 2019 Amazon Echo and Google Home ‘Smart Spies’
Oct 2019 Banking App Fraud On The Rise
Oct 2019 Any Thumbprint Unlocks a Galaxy A10
Oct 2019 Ex-Employee Claims Your G Suite Data Is Not Encrypted
Oct 2019 Food Writer Loses £5,000 in Phone ‘Simjacking’
Oct 2019 Dyson Scraps “Not Commercially Viable” Electric Car
Oct 2019 Digital 'Pressure' For Accountants
Oct 2019 New Law To Advance Fast Broadband Roll-Out Announced
Oct 2019 Thomas Cook Customers and Employees Targeted By Phishing Attacks
Oct 2019 AI and the Fake News War
Oct 2019 Local Authorities Facing 800 Cyber Attacks Per Hour
Oct 2019 PayPal Drops Out of Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency
Oct 2019 Google’s Chrome To Block Mixed Content Pages Without HTTPS
Oct 2019 Email Signature Legally Binding For Lawyer
Oct 2019 AI and Facial Analysis Job Interviews
Oct 2019 Windows Virtual Desktop Generally Available Now
Oct 2019 Worldwide Rollout of ‘Personal Vault’ OneDrive Security Features
Oct 2019 Police Auction Hacker’s £240,000 of Cryptocurrency
Sep 2019 IBM To Offer Largest Quantum Computer Available
Sep 2019 Less Than Half of Small Businesses Ready For No-Deal Brexit
Sep 2019 Deepfake Ransomware - A Worrying Threat
Sep 2019 People Who Broke Into Courthouse Claim It Was Part of Assessment
Sep 2019 Public Cloud May Double In Just Four Years
Sep 2019 Autonomous AI Cyber Weapons Inevitable Says Security Research Expert
Sep 2019 Joker Malware Found In 24 Apps In Google Play Store
Sep 2019 Major Workforce Changes Over The Next Five Years
Sep 2019 France Says ‘Non’ To Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency
Sep 2019 AI Destined For McDonald’s Drive-Throughs
Sep 2019 Report Shows That 99% of Cyber Attacks Now Involve Social Engineering
Sep 2019 AI Mimics CEO’s Voice To Steal £201,000
Sep 2019 Leaving Your Job? Don’t Take Personal Data With You Warns ICO
Sep 2019 Microsoft's Phone App Challenge to iMessage and FaceTime
Sep 2019 Record Levels of Investment in UK AI
Sep 2019 Student Textbooks Malware Threat
Sep 2019 Tesla Owners Locked Out
Sep 2019 BBC to Launch Own ‘Beeb’ Digital Voice Assistant Next Year
Sep 2019 London Gets 10 Million New Landline Numbers
Sep 2019 iPhone Attack Lasting More Than 2 Years Discovered
Aug 2019 Grammar Correction Capabilities For Gmail and G Suite
Aug 2019 Audible’s ‘Captions’ Subtitles Feature Attracts Lawsuit From Publishers
Aug 2019 No Leather, Jeans, Hard Surfaces, Other Credit Cards or Magnets - Warning for Apple Card
Aug 2019 Four-Year Lifespan For Self-Driving Cars
Aug 2019 Video Labelling Causes Problems
Aug 2019 Robot Tuck Shops About To Hit U.S. College Campuses
Aug 2019 Your Password Can Be Guessed By An App Listening To Your Keystrokes
Aug 2019 Apple Launches ‘Apple Card’
Aug 2019 Over A Million Fingerprints Exposed In Data Breach
Aug 2019 Facial Recognition at King’s Cross Prompts ICO Investigation
Aug 2019 Fingerprints Replacing Passwords for Some Google Services
Aug 2019 Using GDPR To Get Partner’s Personal Data
Aug 2019 Amazon Echo : Child Labour Concerns
Aug 2019 $1 Million Bounty For Finding iPhone Security Flaws
Aug 2019 Is Your Website Sending Scammers' Emails?
Aug 2019 Opting Out of People Reviewing Your Alexa Recordings
Aug 2019 A.I. Powered Bar-staff. Who's Next?
Aug 2019 Google Plugs Incognito Mode Detection Loophole With Chrome 76
Aug 2019 Goodbye Skype for Business, Hello Teams
Aug 2019 One-Third of Major VPNs Owned By Chinese
Jul 2019 Free Ransomware Killers Save £88M in Ransoms
Jul 2019 Vulnerability in Contactless Card Allows Bypassing of £30 Limit
Jul 2019 UKCIS Offers Online Safety For All
Jul 2019 Commercial Release of BlueKeep Malware Causes Concern
Jul 2019 5G At No Extra Cost Says Three
Jul 2019 Lancaster University Hit By “Sophisticated and Malicious Phishing Attack”
Jul 2019 London Underground To Get 4G Next Year
Jul 2019 £80,000 Fine For London Estate Agency Highlights Importance of Due Diligence in Data Protection
Jul 2019 MPs Call To Stop Police Facial Recognition
Jul 2019 Brain Implants That Link Humans To Computers
Jul 2019 Scientists Discover How To Store Data On Matter Smaller Than DNA
Jul 2019 Security Flaw Discovered In NHS Anaesthetic Machines
Jul 2019 Codebreaker, Scientist and Mathematician Alan Turing To Feature on £50 Note
Jul 2019 Microsoft Criticised By UK’s Cyber Security Agency Over Dmarc
Jul 2019 Facebook Launches Martin Lewis Anti-Scam Service
Jul 2019 Latest Windows 10 Update Causes Problems For VPN Enterprise Users
Jul 2019 Googlemail’s Tracking of Your Purchase History
Jul 2019 1000+Android Apps Harvest Our Data Without Our Permission
Jul 2019 Ad-Free Firefox Browser Service For $4.99 Per Month
Jul 2019 £183 Million Fine (Biggest Ever) For BA Data Breach
Jul 2019 Google's reCAPTCHA v3 System Prompts Privacy Criticism
Jul 2019 E-Waste Inquiry
Jul 2019 Visa Adopts Blockchain For Cross-Border, Bank To Bank B2B Payments
Jul 2019 ‘Mobile-Sensing System’ Could Evaluate Your Workplace Performance
Jul 2019 New Electric Cars Will Emit Noise For Safety Reasons
Jun 2019 Is CCTV Surveillance By Amazon Drones Be The Future?
Jun 2019 Fire-Prone MacBook Pros Recalled
Jun 2019 Suspected Russian Disinformation Campaign Rumbled
Jun 2019 Florida Town Pays £475,000 To Hackers To Restart Municipal Computer Systems
Jun 2019 Fraud Reported on Deliveroo and Just Eat App
Jun 2019 UK National Surveillance Camera Day – 20th June
Jun 2019 ICO’s Own Website Fails GDPR Compliance Test
Jun 2019 Revenue Risk To UK Companies Too Slow To Adopt AI
Jun 2019 Samsung’s Advice To Virus-Check TVs Causes Customer Concern
Jun 2019 Could Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency Be The Future Of Money?
Jun 2019 Facial Recognition Glasses For Covert Surveillance
Jun 2019 Premium, Paid For Version Of Mozilla’s Firefox Planned
Jun 2019 Mastercard’s AI-Based Digital Wellness Could Make Online Purchasing Easier and Safer
Jun 2019 Accounting Systems Too Complex (And Lack Investment)
Jun 2019 Criminal Secrets Of The Dark Net Revealed
Jun 2019 US Visa Applicants Now Asked For Social Media Details and More
Jun 2019 Employee Subject Access Requests Increasing Costs For Their Companies
Jun 2019 Salesforce Adding Blockchain Platform To CRM
Jun 2019 Amazon Pop-Up Stores
Jun 2019 GCHQ Eavesdropping Proposal Soundly Rejected
May 2019 Survey Shows Half OF UK Firms Have No Cyber Resilience Plan
May 2019 Google AR Glasses Enterprise Edition For Workers
May 2019 Microbe Grown Headphones Offer Hope In Fight Against Plastic Waste
May 2019 SurveyMonkey's Bold Dublin Move
May 2019 The World Of Ethical Hackers And Bug Bounties
May 2019 Trust Challenge For Online Sharing Services
May 2019 Serious Security Flaws Discovered In Popular GPS Tracker
May 2019 Low Launch Share Price For Uber
May 2019 Could Biometric Regulations Be On The Way Soon?
May 2019 Old Routers Are Targets For Hackers
May 2019 Data Breach Report A Sharp Reminder of GDPR
May 2019 G7 Cyber Attack Simulation To Test Financial Sector
May 2019 Proposed Legislation To Make IoT Devices More Secure
May 2019 3D Shopping Via Google Search
May 2019 Surveillance Attack on WhatsApp
May 2019 Microsoft’s Move Away From Passwords Towards Biometrics
May 2019 New AI Feature For Microsoft Word Online To Improve Your Writing
May 2019 Google Offers Auto-Delete of History After Three Months
May 2019 First Organ Delivery By Drone
May 2019 Plans To Remove .org Domain Price Cap Prompts Complaints
May 2019 GDPR Says HMRC Must Delete Five Million Voice Records
May 2019 Slack Builds Email Bridge
May 2019 Chrome For Android ‘Fake Address’ Phishing Risk Discovered
May 2019 ‘ManyChat’ Raises $18 million Funding For Facebook Messenger Bot
May 2019 Plans To Remove .org Domain Price Cap Prompts Complaints
May 2019 Apple’s Adapter Recall Over Shock Risk
Apr 2019 Microsoft 365 Business Subscription Customers Get Shared Computer Activation (SCA)
Apr 2019 No Windows 10 Updates For PCs With USB Devices or SD Cards Attached
Apr 2019 Samsung’s Folding Phone Faults Delay Release Date
Apr 2019 UK Government Services Information Accessible Via Voice-Activated Smart Speakers
Apr 2019 123456 Still A Popular Password
Apr 2019 Fake Finger Fools Fool Proof Phone
Apr 2019 Windows 10 Breaks Traditional PC Hardware and OS Upgrade Links
Apr 2019 New UK ‘Duty of Care’ Rules To Apply To Social Media Companies
Apr 2019 School Enlists Chinese Help To Upgrade To Enhanced Wi-Fi
Apr 2019 AI Used To Tackle Money Laundering
Apr 2019 Experts Recommend Security Update For Magento E-commerce Sites
Apr 2019 Facebook Rolls Out ‘Why Am I Seeing This Post?’ Tool
Apr 2019 Automatic Compensation For Broadband Problems Begins
Apr 2019 HTTPS Security Vulnerabilities Found
Apr 2019 Is Huawei Really Dragging Its Feet Over Security?
Mar 2019 Facebook’s Own Blockchain-Based Cryptocurrency
Mar 2019 1 Million+ UK VAT-Registered Companies Still To Register With Making Tax Digital
Mar 2019 Emails To Become More Dynamic With Google’s AMP For Email
Mar 2019 Microsoft And Adobe Team Up To Fight Salesforce
Mar 2019 Controversial Copyright Backed By MEPs
Mar 2019 New Smart App Converts Your Sketches Into To Works Of Art In Seconds
Mar 2019 $35 Billion Takeover of Worldpay Boosts Value of Euro Payments Tech Companies
Mar 2019 Microsoft Tests ‘Sandbox’ Safe Browsing Extension For Chrome & Firefox
Mar 2019 Robot Programmed to Carry Out Unbiased Job Interviews
Mar 2019 The Web @ 30
Mar 2019 Chatbot Supports Students
Mar 2019 Businesses Delayed Security Breach Disclosure
Mar 2019 Warning: Serious Windows 7 Bug Reported
Mar 2019 Fingerprint Bank Card
Mar 2019 Cash Under Threat
Feb 2019 New 1TeraByte (Yes, TeraByte) MicroSD Cards Launched
Feb 2019 Response To Freedom of Information Requests Concerning Brexit Involves ICO
Feb 2019 Potential £ 1 Million Court Bill Over £1 Uber Receipt
Feb 2019 New, Free Windows 10 Microsoft Office App Launched
Feb 2019 Nest Locking Customers Out Over Suspected Security Breach
Feb 2019 Discovery of Microphone in Google’s Nest Guard Prompts Backlash
Feb 2019 New York’s Governor Orders Investigation Into Facebook Over App Concerns
Feb 2019 DNS infrastructure Under Attack
Feb 2019 Form-Jacking Attacks Hit High Profile Companies
Feb 2019 Targets Of A Rise In Extortion Scams
Feb 2019 Potential Jail For Clicking on Terror Links
Feb 2019 Scooter Hack Threat
Feb 2019 Kellogg's Uses Virtual Reality To Sell More Cornflakes
Feb 2019 Crypto-currency Mining Apps Discovered in Microsoft Store
Feb 2019 Browsers Slowed By Adverts and Analytics
Feb 2019 Report Says 90% of NHS Jobs Will Need Digital Skills, But AI and Robotics Could Enhance Services
Feb 2019 UK Solar-Powered High Latitude Drone Presents New Mapping Opportunities
Feb 2019 Russia Plans Disconnect From Rest of World Internet For Cyber-Defence Test
Feb 2019 ROI Index Shows That Facebook & Google Offer Best Value For Mobile Advertisers
Feb 2019 Could 5G’s High Frequency Be Dangerous?
Feb 2019 Google Live Transcribe To Help Hard of Hearing
Feb 2019 Large Rises in Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) Revenues, Fuelled By Public Cloud Demand
Feb 2019 Windows 10 Error Messages Soon To Make More Sense
Feb 2019 $180 Million Password Taken To The Grave
Feb 2019 Man Fined After Hiding From Facial Recognition Cameras
Jan 2019 Register Now Or Lose EU Research Grants Post-Brexit
Jan 2019 Research Reveals Top-Selling Car Keyless Theft Risk
Jan 2019 Millions of Taxpayers' Voiceprints Added to Controversial HMRC Biometric Database
Jan 2019 Too Much Time In Front of a Screen Adversely Affects Child Development Says Study
Jan 2019 Apple’s Video-Calling ‘Eavesdropping’ Bug
Jan 2019 Naming and Shaming of Companies With Poor Cyber Security
Jan 2019 No More Windows 10 Mobile Support – Microsoft Suggests Switching
Jan 2019 Biggest Personal Data Breach Puts Password Effectiveness In The Spotlight
Jan 2019 ICO Urges Businesses To Prepare For No-Deal Brexit
Jan 2019 Google’s £44 Million GDPR Fine
Jan 2019 Over Half Of Us Will Buy Food Online By 2021
Jan 2019 Windows 7 Activation Errors A Coincidence Says Microsoft
Jan 2019 Reddit Locks Out Users Over Security Concerns
Jan 2019 £15K Fine For Ignoring Data Access Requests
Jan 2019 Fake News Fact Checkers Working With Facebook
Jan 2019 Warning – TV Licensing Scam Operating
Jan 2019 UK Government Warns ‘No Deal’ Brexit Could Mean Get A .COM Replacement For Your .EU
Jan 2019 Contactless Card Fraud Has Doubled
Jan 2019 Apple Blames China In Revenue Warning To Investors
Jan 2019 Drone Laws Promised After Airport Chaos
Dec 2018 London Police Facial Recognition Trial
Dec 2018 Rumours That 'Microsoft 365' Package Is On The Way
Dec 2018 Warnings of Printer Chip-Frying
Dec 2018 Huawei and ZTE Are Security Threat Warns Cyber Watchdog
Dec 2018 Smart Botnet Detection Needed
Dec 2018 Does Your Business Take Cash?
Dec 2018 Automatic Broadband Compensation Is Nigh
Dec 2018 5G Explained
Dec 2018 Google Chrome’s ‘Incognito’ Mode Not So Incognito
Dec 2018 02 Outage - What Happened
Dec 2018 ICO Investigation Into Police Use of Facial Recognition Technology
Dec 2018 Hard of Hearing? Skype Offers Live Captions And Subtitles
Dec 2018 Liberty Wins Right To Judicial Review Into Investigatory Powers Act
Dec 2018 70% Increase In DDoS Cyber Attacks On Black Friday Prompts Christmas Warning
Dec 2018 SIM Swap Scam Warning
Nov 2018 £385,000 Data Protection Fine For Uber
Nov 2018 Data Protection Trust Levels Still Low After GDPR
Nov 2018 Mobile Networks Faster Than Wi-Fi
Nov 2018 New Hashtags Feature For Google Maps
Nov 2018 Bitcoin and Other Crypto-Currencies Hit New Lows
Nov 2018 Make Skype Calls Through Your Amazon Echo
Nov 2018 Firefox Quantum Browser’s ‘Monitor 2.0’ Will Warn You About Security Breaches
Nov 2018 MFA Lockout For Microsoft & Azure Users Causes Business Disruption
Nov 2018 Business Concerns Over 'Secondary Data'
Nov 2018 Free VPN Tools May Be Linked To China
Nov 2018 Apple Offers Free Repairs For iPhone X and MacBook Problems
Nov 2018 Blockchain To Stop Counterfeit Disk-Drive Products
Nov 2018 Which? Survey Reveals Best & Worst Online Retailers
Nov 2018 Facial Recognition For Border Control
Nov 2018 Jail For Car Accident Data Thief
Nov 2018 Fatal Security Flaws Discovered in Solid State Drives (SSDs)
Nov 2018 New App-Based Banking Platform For SMEs From NatWest
Nov 2018 Environmentally Responsible Blockchain
Nov 2018 New Qualifications To Improve Digital Skills of Adults in England
Nov 2018 IBM Security Expert Says Prepare For Quantum
Oct 2018 Blurring of Personal and Business Technology Cause For Concern
Oct 2018 Easyjet - Electric Planes By 2030
Oct 2018 New Features and New Prices For Old Apple Products
Oct 2018 EU’s Web Copyright Directive Could Spell Trouble
Oct 2018 Adult Site Visits on Work Computer Lead to Network Infection
Oct 2018 New Political Ad Transparency Rules Tested With Pro-Brexit Website
Oct 2018 Facial Recognition For Buyers Of Alcohol & Cigarettes
Oct 2018 Microsoft Education For Dyslexics
Oct 2018 More Contactless Than Chip & PIN
Oct 2018 Businesses Looking Forward to 5G
Oct 2018 Ubicoustics Overhears Everything You Do ... And Understands
Oct 2018 Browser Support For Early Versions of TLS To End
Oct 2018 Businesses Turning To Zero-Trust Security Model
Oct 2018 Microsoft Co-Founder & Billionaire Philanthropist Paul Allen Dies
Oct 2018 New Facebook Rules For Political Ad Transparency In The UK
Oct 2018 How Business Emails Are Vulnerable
Oct 2018 Facebook Messenger May Introduce Voice Commands
Oct 2018 New Tech Laws For AI Bots & Better Passwords
Oct 2018 Windows 10 October Rollout Suspended Due To File Deleting Fault
Oct 2018 Goodbye Skype Classic, Hello Blockchain-as-a-Service
Oct 2018 Company Fined £150k For Nuisance-Calling People Who Had Opted-Out
Oct 2018 Chrome Extensions Get Security, Privacy and Performance Boost
Oct 2018 Elon Musk - World’s Most Expensive Tweet!
Oct 2018 Apple Making One-Quarter Of Its Revenue From Deal With Ad Giant Google
Oct 2018 Facebook Hack Keeps Getting Worse
Sep 2018 ICO Highlights Prevalence of GDPR Myths
Sep 2018 UK Government Guilty of Mass Surveillance Human Rights Breach
Sep 2018 Find Out What ‘Deep Fakes’ Are and Why They’re A Threat
Sep 2018 Only 32% of Emails Clean Enough To 'Make It'
Sep 2018 Microsoft Tests Pop-Up Warnings About Other Browsers
Sep 2018 Resurrecting An Old Android Phone Is Easier Than You Think
Sep 2018 Mobile Working Causes Absenteeism
Sep 2018 New Chrome 69 Creates Better Passwords, Among Other Features
Sep 2018 Microsoft Slows Updates
Sep 2018 Microsoft Launches ‘AccountGuard’ Email Service For Election Candidates
Sep 2018 90% Of Businesses Blindly Renew Software
Sep 2018 Criminals 'Invest' More Than Businesses
Sep 2018 Apple Apps Taken Down For Spying
Sep 2018 BA Security Fallout
Sep 2018 Businesses Set For Augmented Reality
Sep 2018 ‘Five Eyes’ Demand Back Door Access To Encrypted Services ... Or Else
Sep 2018 Is Google Getting Details of YOUR Purchases From MasterCard?
Sep 2018 Microsoft Introduces AI Automated Audio and Video File Transcription
Sep 2018 Google To Kill Dodgy Tech Support Ads
Sep 2018 Apple’s Autonomous Car Involved in Crash
Aug 2018 Uber Moves Into Bikes & Scooters
Aug 2018 Facebook Promptly Removes Mynamar Military Accounts
Aug 2018 Are You On The Wrong Side Of An Algorithm?
Aug 2018 Diabetes Eye Disease Diagnosing System Needs No Doctors
Aug 2018 Google Search Results Biased Says Trump
Aug 2018 Apple iPad Battery Gas Leak - Shop Evacuated
Aug 2018 Superdrug Customers Informed of Hack
Aug 2018 Facebook Uses Scoring System To Manage Misinformation
Aug 2018 New Australian Law Gets The Thumbs-Down From Tech Firms
Aug 2018 Superfast Broadband Boosts Business and Jobs
Aug 2018 Google Location Tracking, Even When Switched Off?
Aug 2018 Social Mapper Can Trace Your Face ...
Aug 2018 IBM Makes Test Version of New Stealth AI Malware ‘DeepLocker’
Aug 2018 Microsoft To Launch App-Testing Sandbox ‘InPrivate Desktop’ Feature
Aug 2018 Online "Pay-To-Watch" Now In Lead
Aug 2018 Apple Wins Trillion Dollar Company Race
Aug 2018 Amazon Pays Less Tax In UK While Profits Rise
Aug 2018 Forced Unbundling of Google Apps From Android
Aug 2018 Google’s G Suite Will Warn Of State-Sponsored Attacks
Aug 2018 Half of Us Will Activate Our New GDPR Rights Within A Year
Aug 2018 Adults To Get Same Online Protection As Kids Says Government
Aug 2018 Departing CEOs Steal Intellectual Property Says Report
Aug 2018 AI, ML & ‘Robot’ Business Spending Will Hit $232bn by 2025 Says Report
Aug 2018 Fake News Crowding Threat Outlined
Aug 2018 10 Million Affected by Dixons Carphone Data Breach
Jul 2018 ‘SiliconX’ Next-Generation Battery Material Discovered
Jul 2018 Windows 10 : Fuelling PC Sales Recovery?
Jul 2018 First Blockchain ‘Cryptocurrency’ Smartphone
Jul 2018 Google Chrome’s New ‘Site Location’ Security Feature Activated
Jul 2018 Facebook Favours Free Speech Over Fake News Removal
Jul 2018 Misleading Broadband Adverts
Jul 2018 12 Russian Intelligence Officers Charged With Election Hacking
Jul 2018 NHS ... Still Reliant On Fax Machines
Jul 2018 Cambridge Analytica Re-Born
Jul 2018 Microsoft Launches Free Version of Collaborative Chat App ‘Teams’
Jul 2018 $13.5 Million In Customer Tokens Lost To Bancor Hackers
Jul 2018 Now You Can Search eBay Via A Photo
Jul 2018 UK Slips To 35th Place In Global Broadband Speed Table
Jul 2018 £500,000 Fine For Facebook Data Breaches
Jul 2018 New System Detects & Warns Of Mobile Phone Use in Cars
Jul 2018 Samsung Phones Sending Photos Without Permission
Jul 2018 New, Improved Wi-Fi Security Standard WPA3 Starts Rollout
Jul 2018 Tech Giant GDPR Privacy Settings ‘Unethical’ Says Council
Jul 2018 NHS Booking App and Doc Bot
Jul 2018 Submit Your Dash-Cam Footage To Police
Jun 2018 Tesla Sues Whistleblower / Spy
Jun 2018 New ‘No Cheat’ “Locked Mode” For Classroom on Chromebooks
Jun 2018 GDPR Exemption Sought
Jun 2018 Calls to Stop Storing of Personal Communications Data and Voiceprints
Jun 2018 Apple Offers Free Replacements / Repairs On Butterfly Keyboards
Jun 2018 Foldable Galaxy X Smartphone Could Cost You £1,400!
Jun 2018 Trump’s Tariff’s For Tech Firms With China Links
Jun 2018 Bank Uses AI To Screen Job Applicants
Jun 2018 Appeal Dismissed After Asylum Seeker Data Breach
Jun 2018 AI Creates Phishing URLs That Can Beat Auto-Detection
Jun 2018 Smart Solar Power Savings From Google
Jun 2018 Domain Names & GDPR
Jun 2018 1 - 0 In England Vs World Cup Hackers
Jun 2018 Two More Security Holes In Voice Assistants
Jun 2018 Fruit Robots
Jun 2018 Fined For Using a Smart Watch At Traffic Lights
Jun 2018 834% Rise in TSB Customer Attacks
Jun 2018 Facebook Losing the Battle For Teenage Attention
Jun 2018 Google Accused of Being ‘Unethical’ Over Cryptocurrency Ad Ban
Jun 2018 Visa Crash In Europe Causes ‘Cash Only’ Chaos
May 2018 92 Carphone Warehouse Branch Closures
May 2018 Now You Can Opt-Out Of Having Your Medical Data Shared
May 2018 Alexa Records and Sends Private Conversation
May 2018 7-Fold Rise in Mobile Fraud
May 2018 Instant GDPR Complaints For Web Giants
May 2018 Facial Recognition In The Classroom
May 2018 TalkTalk Super Router Security Fears Persist
May 2018 Slack ‘Actions’
May 2018 BYODs Linked To Security Incidents
May 2018 Data Breach Fine For UK University
May 2018 AI Drones : Smaller and Smarter
May 2018 Handy Location Tracker
May 2018 Less Shop Visits Due To Digital. But More Spending.
May 2018 Efail - Encryption Flaw
May 2018 Police Face Recognition Software Flawed
May 2018 Google Driverless Car Involved In Smash
May 2018 Facebook Loyalty Intact Says Survey
May 2018 Cambridge Analytica Ordered To Turn Over All Data On US Professor
May 2018 8 More Security Flaws Found In Processors
May 2018 Twitter Says Change Your Password
May 2018 Online Dating Via Facebook
May 2018 TSB Computer Meltdown – Problems Nearly 2 Weeks On
May 2018 Google Chrome Leads Digital Certificate Clean Up
May 2018 Amazon Challenges Google and Facebook For Ads Dominance
May 2018 Fake Online Reviews Investigation
Apr 2018 GDPR: Don’t Get Caught Out By Your Logfiles
Apr 2018 WhatsApp Raises Age To 16 For GDPR
Apr 2018 Half of UK Manufacturers Hit By Cyber Attacks
Apr 2018 New Google ‘Chat’ SMS Message Replacement Rollout Begins
Apr 2018 Martin Lewis Fights Facebook In Court
Apr 2018 UK Launched Major Cyber Attack Against ISIS
Apr 2018 Facebook ... Face Recognition Woes
Apr 2018 Phishing Attack Simulator : Microsoft Goodies
Apr 2018 Google, The Law and Your 'Right To Be Forgotten'
Apr 2018 Russia Suspected of Hacking Campaign
Apr 2018 Apple Claims 100% Renewable Energy At All Data Centres
Apr 2018 Digital Number Plates
Apr 2018 1 In 10 Fooled By Social Engineering Attacks
Apr 2018 Killer Bot Boycott
Apr 2018 Facebook Notifies People Affected By Scandal
Apr 2018 Apple Hire’s Google’s AI Chief To Help Boost Siri
Apr 2018 Robots Not Coming For Your Job Just Yet, Says Report
Apr 2018 UK Universities Are Cryptojacking Targets
Apr 2018 Half Of Households Have Broadband Problems
Apr 2018 Wearable Tech Could Help Solve Murder
Mar 2018 Facebook Revamps Privacy Settings
Mar 2018 Your Computer Data Stored ... On DNA?
Mar 2018 £870 Million Super-Cyber-Crook Captured
Mar 2018 ‘See In The Dark' Phone Camera
Mar 2018 Contactless 'Pay to Pray'
Mar 2018 First Direct Customers Can Pay By Siri
Mar 2018 50 Million Facebook User's Data With Cambridge Analytica
Mar 2018 Huge UK Increase In Demand For AI Professionals
Mar 2018 Fighting Exploitation Via Blockchain and Coke
Mar 2018 Camelot Hack - 'It Could be You!'
Mar 2018 Voice Recognition 'Sexist'
Mar 2018 Accountants To Use AI For The 'Boring' Stuff
Mar 2018 UK Economy Could See £26bn From Rural Digital Investment
Mar 2018 New Threat From Fileless Powershell Exploits
Mar 2018 Eight New Cyber Threats Every Second
Jan 2018 Licence Plate Recognition-1 Million Mistakes a Day!
Jan 2018 OnePlus Accused Of Credit Card Fraud
Jan 2018 Ford Doubles Investment in Electric Cars
Jan 2018 New macOS Too Secure?
Jan 2018 New Law Tackles Digital Ticket Touts
Jan 2018 Is Looking At Screens Causing More Short-Sightedness In Young People?
Jan 2018 Cloud Companies The Next Big Target For Ransomware
Jan 2018 'Ripple' Takes Second Place To Bitcoin
Jan 2018 Dodgy Apps in Google Play
Jan 2018 All iPhones, iPads and Macs Affected by 2 Major Bugs
Jan 2018 Extremism Tax
Jan 2018 Lie Detector App
Jan 2018 Justice Too Slow With Data Requests Says ICO
Jan 2018 Amazon Accused In Birkenstock Misspelling Advert Row
Jan 2018 iPhone Deliberate Slowdown : Apple Apology
Dec 2017 Miscarriage Risk From Wi-Fi And Smartphones
Dec 2017 Beware Android Phone-Melting Malware
Dec 2017 Kaspersky Tries To Overturn U.S. Directive
Dec 2017 No More Chrome Apps From Next Year
Dec 2017 School Heating Hack Risk
Dec 2017 Facebook Dopamine-Addictive, Admits Ex-Exec
Dec 2017 Supply Chain Attacks
Dec 2017 HP Laptop ‘Keylogger’ Security Risk Discovered
Dec 2017 $80m Bitcoin Hack
Dec 2017 Stick and Carrot Measures To Deal With GDPR
Dec 2017 Trump’s New FCC Chairman Pushes To End Net Neutrality
Dec 2017 Facebook For Children Launched
Dec 2017 Police Web & Phone Snooping Powers Curbed
Dec 2017 Amazon Targets Businesses With Voice Activated Digital Assistants
Dec 2017 Barclays Drops Kaspersky Over Security Fears
Dec 2017 GDPR Guide
Nov 2017 Serious Bug In Apple Mac OS Discovered
Nov 2017 GDPR Could Increase Hackers Ransoms
Nov 2017 Small Businesses Get New OS MasterMap® Data
Nov 2017 Government Could Use Blockchain To Verify Your Identity
Nov 2017 Bitcoin Value Tops $10,000
Nov 2017 Your Keystrokes Being Tracked
Nov 2017 57 Million Data Breach Concealed By Uber - Hackers Paid
Nov 2017 New, Free Secret Browsing and Cyber Security Service
Nov 2017 Prison Sentences Demanded For Unauthorised Data Usage
Nov 2017 Smartwatches - Spying on Kids
Nov 2017 1 In 4 Law Firms Ready For GDPR
Nov 2017 Xmas Toys - Security Concerns
Nov 2017 Google's Scary Hack Stats
Nov 2017 Bad Broadband? Get Automatic Compensation...
Nov 2017 Huddle Leaked Business Documents
Nov 2017 Supermarket Voucher Scam Via WhatsApp
Nov 2017 Art Galleries And Dealers Defrauded Through Email Hack
Nov 2017 Cuts Mean Fewer ATMs But More Cashless Payments
Nov 2017 Quarter of UK Workers Deliberately Breach Confidentiality
Nov 2017 Fake WhatsApp - 1 Million Downloads
Nov 2017 Election Concerns Over Facebook Influenced by Russians
Nov 2017 Businesses Use Facebook Collaboration In Droves
Nov 2017 Half Of Us Don’t Check Contactless Amount
Nov 2017 New System To Collect Biometrics Of All EU Visitors
Nov 2017 AI Cracks Captcha
Oct 2017 Russia Hit By Ransomware
Oct 2017 Southend ... The ‘Smart City’
Oct 2017 4 Out Of 10 UK Businesses Not Ready For GDPR
Oct 2017 eBay And Amazon Sellers VAT Warning
Oct 2017 Changing Faces With AR and AI
Oct 2017 Major Wi-Fi Security Risk
Oct 2017 Drone Hits Passenger Aircraft
Oct 2017 Alexa Now Recognises Multiple Voices
Oct 2017 Cortana Integrated With Skype
Oct 2017 Staff Sue Morrisons Over Personal Data
Oct 2017 Cash From Cloud Bigger Than Expected
Oct 2017 Augmented Reality Maps
Oct 2017 Crackdown On Tax Payments By Online Businesses
Oct 2017 Legal Threat From GDPR
Oct 2017 How Your Phone Can Depress You
Oct 2017 Google's DeepMind To Monetize AI
Oct 2017 Are You Unwittingly Making Crypto-Currency?
Oct 2017 Google’s Shopping Ads Change
Oct 2017 Rudd’s 'War' With Techies Over Encryption
Oct 2017 US Government Wants Your Data
Oct 2017 EC Pushes Tech Companies To Remove Hate
Oct 2017 UK Moves To Subscription Economy
Oct 2017 E-Currency A Real Possibility For Sweden
Sep 2017 Cops Get Younger, Windows Gets Older
Sep 2017 The Battle For Delivering Groceries
Sep 2017 Two Hours Or Less To Remove Terrorist Content
Sep 2017 Uber Loses London Licence
Sep 2017 Equifax... Spoof Site
Sep 2017 China Bans Bitcoin : Value Falls
Sep 2017 Parking Chatbot Could Help You Sue Equifax
Sep 2017 Online Hate Bans Appear To Work, According To Reddit
Sep 2017 Government Could Share Data To Reduce Immigration
Sep 2017 Embarrassing iPhone Face Recognition Blunder Explained
Sep 2017 China To Stop Selling Fossil Fuel Cars
Sep 2017 AI Can Tell Your Sexuality From A Photograph
Sep 2017 WhatsApp For Business Announced
Sep 2017 Google Drive To Be Replaced With Drive File Stream
Sep 2017 44 Million UK People Possibly Affected by Equifax Hack
Sep 2017 Microsoft and Amazon Join Forces For Voice First (AI) Dominance
Sep 2017 CEX Hacked - Two Million Customer Details Stolen
Sep 2017 New 400GB MicroSD Card
Sep 2017 Smartphone Danger For Teenagers
Sep 2017 Phone App Detects Cancer
Sep 2017 Six UK Regions Get Full Fibre Broadband Trials
Aug 2017 Access To Machine Learning Tools Through Your Browser
Aug 2017 Post-Brexit Data Protection & Data Exchange With EU
Aug 2017 90% Of Businesses Open Doors To Hackers By Not Patching
Aug 2017 Digital Life After Death
Aug 2017 Autonomous Lorries To Be Tested On UK Roads
Aug 2017 68% of UK Firms Not Trained Against Cyber Attacks
Aug 2017 Tougher Sentences For Online Abusers
Aug 2017 Less Than 10% Completing Computing A-levels Are Female
Aug 2017 Banned Neo-Nazi Website Causes Freedom of Speech Concerns
Aug 2017 Speech Recognition Now As Good As A Human
Aug 2017 Closing Time For Lovefilm’s Postal DVD Service
Aug 2017 Li-Fi Could Boost Wi-Fi
Aug 2017 Cryptocurrency Scam Foiled By London Police
Aug 2017 Blockchain Links Students To Employers
Aug 2017 Introducing Facebook's New ‘Watch’ Video Service
Aug 2017 Encoded DNA Used To Carry Computer Malware
Aug 2017 Consumers Still Unaware of Current Account Switching Service
Aug 2017 BBC Developing AI Voice-Controlled iPlayer With Microsoft
Aug 2017 New UK Data Protection Laws Give You The Right To Be Forgotten
Aug 2017 Your Amazon Echo Could Be Used To Spy On You
Aug 2017 New Windows Eye-Tracking Feature
Aug 2017 Bitcoin At Record High, And Splits Into Bitcoin 'Cash'
Aug 2017 VPNs Blocked In China, Banned In Russia
Aug 2017 Kaspersky Rolls Out Free Antivirus Software Worldwide
Aug 2017 Google Stopping Instant Search
Aug 2017 EE Clutches Onto No.1 Spot
Aug 2017 AI Can Defeat Anti-Virus Software
Aug 2017 You Can Be Easily Identified From Your Browsing Data
Jul 2017 House of Lords Investigating AI 'Ethics'
Jul 2017 New 'Pay To Read' Facebook Content Model
Jul 2017 A Great Example Of Video To Engage With Your Market
Jul 2017 Mobile Banking Iris-Scanning
Jul 2017 Drones To Be Registered, Users To Be Tested
Jul 2017 MoneySuperMarket Fined For Sending Emails
Jul 2017 Australia To Introduce Own Version of ‘Snooper’s Charter’
Jul 2017 AI Growth - A Risk To Human Civilisation
Jul 2017 Samsung Phones Recycled For Gold & Other Precious Metals
Jul 2017 Paid Content ‘Fast Lanes’ Possible As US Rules May Be Removed
Jul 2017 Age Checks To View Porn To Be Compulsory
Jul 2017 Smart Pest Control System Outsmarts Rats
Jul 2017 News Bots to Flood UK with 30,000 Articles a Month
Jul 2017 Hologram Phone Launched
Jul 2017 US Laptop Bans Lifted on Kuwait Airways and Royal Jordanian
Jul 2017 Unlimited Streaming Deals Contributing To Piracy
Jul 2017 40% Of London Public Transport Customers Now Using Contactless Cards
Jul 2017 Charity Challenges (Snooper's) Charter
Jul 2017 AA Website Shop Data Breach
Jul 2017 NHS Sharing Data With Google Data Sharing Not Compliant Says ICO
Jul 2017 Rogue Drone Over Gatwick
Jul 2017 Government’s Fibre Broadband Scheme Launched With £400m
Jun 2017 Government Boosts Digital/Tech Industry with £700m Fund
Jun 2017 Gmail Ads Will Not Be Scanned Anymore
Jun 2017 Cyber Attack on Parliament - Emails Compromised
Jun 2017 Virgin Media Advises Customers To Change Default Passwords
Jun 2017 Amazon To Revolutionise Grocery Delivery?
Jun 2017 EU Roaming Charges Finally Finished
Jun 2017 Amazon’s Acquisition Of Whole Foods Disrupts US Grocery Retail Market
Jun 2017 Most UK People Trust AI Says Research
Jun 2017 SAP Driven Change At Greggs
Jun 2017 WannaCry Came From North Korea Say Experts
Jun 2017 First Arrest Made Via Facial Recognition Technology
Jun 2017 UK Attracting Non-EU IT Talent
Jun 2017 May To Move Forward With Plans For Internet Regulation
Jun 2017 Virgin Patches Wireless Security Flaw
Jun 2017 Renewables Beat Coal & Gas For The First Time
Jun 2017 Death Penalty For Facebook Blasphemer
Jun 2017 ‘Machine Learning’ Can Protect You From Phishing Attacks Says Google
Jun 2017 Uber Refunds Terror Escapees
Jun 2017 Apple HomePod "Different", Says Apple
Jun 2017 Turn Off Your Ad Blockers ... Or Pay Google
Jun 2017 Calls For Tighter Online Regulation To Tackle Terrorism
May 2017 Most Microsoft Engineers Now Use ‘Git’ To Help Develop Windows
May 2017 Amazon Grocery-Collect Shopping Launched
May 2017 BA Says ‘Never Again’ After Weekend Meltdown
May 2017 Is GDPR More Opportunity Than Threat?
May 2017 Cash Second To Contactless Payments
May 2017 Are YOU The Best Defence Against Cyber Attack?
May 2017 Who Really Benefits From Accelerated Mobile Pages?
May 2017 Dump Your Provider By Text
May 2017 UK Tech Industry To Be ‘Taxed On Talent’?
May 2017 Bank's Voice Recognition Fooled By Twin
May 2017 New 160 Terabytes Memory Machine
May 2017 No ... For Net Neutrality
May 2017 Report Blames Brexit Uncertainty For UK Tech Employment Challenges
May 2017 Protecting Your Business Mobile From Junk Calls
May 2017 Five-Minute-Charge Mobiles By 2018?
May 2017 Ransomware - To Pay Or Not To Pay?
May 2017 Hunt for WannaCry Ransomware Attackers
May 2017 3 Steps To Banking Security Heaven In The UK?
May 2017 Touch Sensitive "Paint" Opens New Doors
May 2017 Broadband Speed Claims To Be Examined
May 2017 £23.97/min For 118 Directory Enquiries
May 2017 Car Scammers Using eBay
May 2017 Facebook Offers Tips For Spotting Fake News
May 2017 Google And Facebook’s Digital Ad Dominance Highlighted By Report
May 2017 SMEs To Get 350Mbps ‘Voom Fibre’ Broadband From Virgin Media
May 2017 A Gap In The Clouds - Could Google And Microsoft Be Gaining On Amazon?
May 2017 Millions Of ATMs Need Re-Inventing As Cash Declines
May 2017 Police Using Facial Recognition Technology at Football Match
May 2017 Facebook AND Google Victims Of Massive Phishing Scam
Apr 2017 Buy And Sell Subscriptions Through Amazon
Apr 2017 Driverless Cars Being Tested On UK Roads
Apr 2017 Google Translates Business Reviews With AI
Apr 2017 New App Lets You Book Hotels By The Minute
Apr 2017 27 Year Prison Sentence For Hacking. Yet More Kids Lured Into Hacking.
Apr 2017 Parcel Robots On Trial In London
Apr 2017 Virgin Now Making Customer Hubs Into ‘Wi-Fi Hotspots’
Apr 2017 Your Ad Blocker Be Helping Advertisers To Target You
Apr 2017 No More Vodfone Roaming Fees In Most of Europe
Apr 2017 Scammers Burgling Airbnb Users. Again.
Apr 2017 Clever Drawing App from Google With "Auto-Correct"
Apr 2017 Tougher US Border Checks Could Mean Divulging Passwords
Apr 2017 Possible Russian Involvement in Brexit Vote
Apr 2017 Taxi Firm Introduces Facial Recognition
Apr 2017 Your PIN Numbers Can Be Guessed When You Tilt Your Phone
Apr 2017 Robot Wins Poker Competition
Apr 2017 Microsoft Word Hack - Patch Available
Apr 2017 Amazon Launches UK Online Trade Counter Called ‘Amazon Business’
Apr 2017 Businesses Explore More Uses For Blockchain
Apr 2017 Report Exposes Poor Online Retailer Communications
Apr 2017 Property Rental Auction Site Expansion Plans
Apr 2017 Warning: Hacking Group Based in China Targeting UK Business Data
Mar 2017 One Third of Jobs At Risk From Automation
Mar 2017 Scammers Exploit Rise In Bitcoin Value
Mar 2017 New Government Cyber Security Unit Encourages Business Co-Operation
Mar 2017 UK Launch For Twitter-Backed Small Business Card Payment Service
Mar 2017 Laptop Bans on Aircraft
Mar 2017 Home Secretary Calls For Government Access To WhatsApp Messages
Mar 2017 £8M Funding For ‘Sell In 90 Days’ London Estate Agent
Mar 2017 Facebook Social Data-Sharing & Surveillance Bans
Mar 2017 Robots Helping The Elderly
Mar 2017 Timely Content ... Or A Sneaky Advert?
Mar 2017 Criminal Charge For Sending Flashing Tweet To Epileptic
Mar 2017 Car Costs Could Skyrocket
Mar 2017 Google’s New Simpler Captcha
Mar 2017 Company Tracked Customer Sexual Activity Via ‘Smart’ Sex Toy
Mar 2017 Amazon Drone Shot Down With Patriot Missile
Mar 2017 BT to Separate From Openreach
Mar 2017 Robot Lawyer For Refugees
Mar 2017 Sage 50% Price Hike In April
Mar 2017 IBM To Offer Quantum Computing Service
Mar 2017 Bitcoin More Valuable Than Gold
Mar 2017 Windows 10 Programmable Updates
Mar 2017 Old Phones Making a Comeback
Feb 2017 Cloudflare Scare
Feb 2017 Old Phones Making a Comeback
Feb 2017 Brain Scans Reveal Ads That Work
Feb 2017 The Psychology of Your Security
Feb 2017 From Ad-Free to ... Ads
Feb 2017 Slow-Mo-Phone
Feb 2017 Thousands of New UK Jobs at Amazon
Feb 2017 Brexit Blamed For Microsoft £400 Price Rise
Feb 2017 Drivers Rewarded For Ignoring Their Phone
Feb 2017 Self-Flying Taxis Over Dubai From July
Feb 2017 Search Engines to Bury Pirate Content
Feb 2017 Terrorist? There’s An Algorithm For That
Feb 2017 Coop Bank For Sale.
Feb 2017 French Love Cheat Sues Uber After Getting Caught Out
Feb 2017 Your Money. But Not As You Know It.
Feb 2017 Sex Education? Kids To Now Get Cyber Security Lessons
Feb 2017 1.5 Million Wordpress Pages Hacked. Is Yours?
Feb 2017 Government CyberFirst Initiative Gets A Much-Needed Supporter
Feb 2017 30 More Tech Firms Oppose Trump Immigration Ban
Feb 2017 Security Companies Exaggerating Hackers’ Skills?
Feb 2017 Facebook Provides Secure Keys
Feb 2017 FBI Given Access To Your Emails Stored Outside U.S.
Feb 2017 No Gmail From December ... Via Chrome, In XP and Vista
Feb 2017 Dropbox Delights
Feb 2017 Washable Smartphones
Feb 2017 Travellers To The U.S. May Have To Provide Social Media Details
Feb 2017 Hotel Pays Ransom To Let Guests Back In To Rooms
Feb 2017 Microsoft To Offer More Digital Apprenticeships And Training
Feb 2017 Parliamentary Inquiry Launched Into Fake News
Jan 2017 Extended Windows 10 Free Upgrade
Jan 2017 Cloud Contracts One Third Of Outsourcing
Jan 2017 Streaming Top Trumps
Jan 2017 Rural Broadband and 5G On Course
Jan 2017 Family Seek Redress Against Apple After Distraction Road Crash Death
Jan 2017 3 Men Charged After Making $4 Million From Hacking U.S. Law Firms
Jan 2017 Windows 10 Improvements From Insider Preview Build 15002
Jan 2017 IT Recruitment Challenges in 2017
Jan 2017 Robots Get Rights As ‘Robot People’
Jan 2017 PC Sales Falling
Jan 2017 3 Men Charged After Making $4 Million From Hacking U.S. Law Firms
Jan 2017 Greater Protection From IoT Hacks Needed Say Cyber Security Experts
Jan 2017 UK Schools Targeted With Ransomware
Jan 2017 TV Accidentally Sets Off Amazon Gadget
Jan 2017 Why Water Resistant Mobile Device Sales Are Up
Jan 2017 Obama Retaliates By Expelling 35 Russian ‘Spy’ Diplomats
Jan 2017 Bitcoin’s Biggest Increase in Value in 3 Years Fuels Renewed Optimism
Jan 2017 Amazon’s Warehouse In The Sky
Dec 2016 Could Your Smart IoT Christmas Present Be A Trojan Horse?
Dec 2016 BT Broadband Christmas No.1 For Complaints Says Ofcom
Dec 2016 Blockchain in Dubai Could Transform Middle East
Dec 2016 Biggest Data Breach in History For Yahoo
Dec 2016 Capita Replacing People With Robots
Dec 2016 Businesses Misusing Average IT Security Spending Figures
Dec 2016 Obama Orders Election Review After Cyber Attacks and Foreign Influence
Dec 2016 100% renewable-powered data centres For Google by 2017
Dec 2016 Barcode Tracking for Dementia Sufferers
Dec 2016 Beware The Car-Key Jammers
Dec 2016 You Guessed It. (Er, Your Credit Card Number)
Dec 2016 Robot Passenger Planes Now Taking Off
Dec 2016 Don't Be (Unwittingly) Tracked By Uber
Dec 2016 Just Pop To The Robot Shop.
Nov 2016 Facial Recognition Allows 'No Hands' Driving
Nov 2016 Artificial Intelligence Now Reads Lips Better Than People
Nov 2016 Record Breaking Online Sales For ‘Cyber Monday’
Nov 2016 Ofcom Rules To Separate Openreach From BT
Nov 2016 iPhone Users Hit By Spammers
Nov 2016 Less Benefits & Higher Costs For Government’s Smart Energy Meters
Nov 2016 Facebook Stamping Out Fake News
Nov 2016 Barclays Trial Contactless Cash Machines
Nov 2016 How Businesses Could Use Autonomous Vehicles
Nov 2016 2 Hackers Get Electric Shock
Nov 2016 Crackdown On Mobile Use While Driving Announced By Police
Nov 2016 BT Launches Competition To Find New Apps and Services For UK Market
Nov 2016 Voters Crash New Zealand & Canada Immigration Website
Nov 2016 Women in Tech Earn 9% Less Than Men.
Nov 2016 UK Surveillance Concerns After Trump Win
Nov 2016 Facebook Kills The Admiral's Plan
Nov 2016 Security Fears About Software Than Can Copy Your Voice
Nov 2016 Stripe Launches New Payments Apps Directory
Nov 2016 New National Cyber Strategy Tough On IT Suppliers
Nov 2016 Artificial Intelligence Being Added to Microsoft Office 365
Nov 2016 Tescos Online Banking Thefts
Nov 2016 Chancellor Says We Need To Retaliate Against Cyber Attacks.
Nov 2016 MPs Want 'Roaming' Allowed In Poor Coverage Areas
Nov 2016 New Apps To Help You Protect Your Contact Details and Prevent Credit Card Fraud
Nov 2016 Now There's More Mobile Than Desktop Web Traffic
Oct 2016 Some Options For Getting Rid Of Your Old Mobile Phone.
Oct 2016 9 Out of 10 Businesses Fear ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Rule.
Oct 2016 How Hackers Used Smart Household Devices To Launch A Massive Online Attack.
Oct 2016 Virtual Reality Finds Its Place In The Real World
Oct 2016 Could Wearable Technology Enable Better Care of the Elderly?
Oct 2016 Big Data Breach Fine Warning For UK Firms With GDPR.
Oct 2016 Higher Cloud Costs Due To Pound Fall.
Oct 2016 Serious Security Flaws Found in Many Online Shops
Oct 2016 Introducing Facebook's Workplace ... For Your Business
Oct 2016 Credit Card That Changes Hourly
Oct 2016 UK Received £4.1 million Tax From Facebook in 2015
Oct 2016 The Bot at Your Bank
Oct 2016 New Commissioner Wants EU Data Protection Laws For UK Despite Brexit.
Oct 2016 Surveys Says More Businesses Have Disaster Plans ... But Never Update Them.
Oct 2016 Android Phones 'Tap-and-Go' Thefts.
Oct 2016 Sage 50 Users Locked Out by Windows 10 Update.
Oct 2016 Apologies From HP After Banning Printer Cartridge
Sep 2016 Which? Condemns Windows 10.
Sep 2016 Yahoo Hacked - 500+ Million Users Exposed.
Sep 2016 Curiosity Killed the (Victorian) Cat.
Sep 2016 Think You Spend A Long Time At The Computer? Think Again.
Sep 2016 HP Printer Owners Angry as Printers Suddenly Reject Budget Cartridges.
Sep 2016 9 out of 10 Businesses Were Hacked In The Last 5 Years.
Sep 2016 Blockchain Will Outgrow Bitcoin
Sep 2016 Dutch Website Loses EU Court Battle Over Hyperlinks to Playboy’s Copyrighted Content.
Sep 2016 Google Chrome Will Tell Users If Your Website Is Not Secure.
Sep 2016 Amazon Customers To Collect Their Deliveries From Lockers in Morrisons Stores.
Sep 2016 Irish Cabinet Joins Apple to Appeal Against Huge EU Back Tax Bill.
Sep 2016 68 Million Stolen Dropbox Customer Credentials Leaked 4 Years After Theft.
Sep 2016 Crowdfunding Success
Sep 2016 Website Security Scanning For Free From Mozilla.
Sep 2016 Lawsuits for Businesses When GDPR Comes Into Force
Sep 2016 Huge Rise in Ransomware and 'Whaling' Says Report.
Sep 2016 Google Algorithm Change Means Lower Ranking For Pop-Up Ad Pages.
Aug 2016 Uber & Volvo To Provide Robot Taxis.
Aug 2016 Windows 10 Update Kills Webcams.
Aug 2016 Slow Websites Stall Retailer Profits.
Aug 2016 Brexit Has Damaged Confidence in UK Tech Potential Says Survey
Aug 2016 Hack Danger For Millions of Volkswagen Owners
Aug 2016 British People Don’t Trust Biometrics. Yet.
Aug 2016 $6.75 million Fine For Google In Russia For Violating Antitrust Laws
Aug 2016 The New Platform That Makes Anyone a Travel Agent
Aug 2016 Extra Year of Support for Windows 10 Enterprise
Aug 2016 How Brexit Could Affect Information Security In the UK
Aug 2016 Facebook Users To Customise Desktop Ad Viewing
Aug 2016 Young People Visit Store to Try Before They Buy Says New Research
Aug 2016 Now Adverts Starting In Windows 10 Pro
Aug 2016 Your Company Website Crucial For Attracting Millennial Employees
Aug 2016 New Survey Results Fuel Brexit Tech Skills Gap Fears
Aug 2016 Cortana Always On in Windows 10 Updates
Jul 2016 The Workings of Ransomware.
Jul 2016 ICO Looking To Change Cookie Laws?
Jul 2016 Apps Replacing Desktops For Banking?
Jul 2016 Amazon and UK Government Test Drone Parcel Deliveries
Jul 2016 Pokémon Go Craze Provides Tangible Proof of Bright Future For Augmented Reality
Jul 2016 Ransomware Found Hiding in Google Docs
Jul 2016 Most Companies Believe the IoT Is Vital For Future Success
Jul 2016 Flat Growth in IT Spending 2016 Thanks to Brexit
Jul 2016 "Shadow IT" ... Some Hidden Benefits.
Jul 2016 Roll-Up Screens Could Be With Us by 2017
Jul 2016 Secure Version of Popular WordPress SEO Plug-In Available From Friday
Jul 2016 Secret Messages That Delete Themselves Trialled By Facebook
Jul 2016 Do You Know Exactly Where Your Business Data is Stored?
Jul 2016 Social Media Now Major Hunting Ground For Identity Thieves
Jul 2016 Your Social Media Could Soon Be Part of the Screening Process for Entering the U.S.
Jul 2016 Beware of Strangers on LinkedIn Says Security Company
Jun 2016 Brexit Makes No Real Difference to Data Protection Laws Says ICO
Jun 2016 Microsoft Pay $10,000 For Windows 10 Upgrade Gone Wrong
Jun 2016 Bogus Tech Support Scam
Jun 2016 RAA...! A New and Unique Ransomware Threat
Jun 2016 New Windows 10 Tool To Rid Computer of 'Bloatware'
Jun 2016 Companies Face Tougher Government Action For Poor Cyber Security
Jun 2016 Social Media Now Main Source of News For Young People
Jun 2016 Microsoft To Buy LinkedIn
Jun 2016 European Companies Taking Too Long to Detect Cyber Attacks Says Report
Jun 2016 Prolific Spammer and Malware Distributor Goes Mysteriously Quiet
Jun 2016 Students to Get Free Money to Prepare for Career in Cyber Security
Jun 2016 Free Security Scanner For Your IoT Devices Unveiled
Jun 2016 Big Increase in DDoS Attacks Recorded in 2016
Jun 2016 Innovative New Presentation Software Product From PowerPoint Rival Prezi
Jun 2016 Windows 10 Upgrade Tactics, Users Fightback With Petition
Jun 2016 Microsoft Backtrack Rumours Part of Windows 10 Upgrade Backlash
Jun 2016 MySpace Hacked Database Could Affect Millions
Jun 2016 Blockchain, the New Digital Medium for Value
Jun 2016 Poll Shows Server Virtualisation as Top Datacentre Infrastructure Investment
May 2016 Businesses Want Big Data Benefits ... But Don't Know How To Get Them.
May 2016 Google ... Wants to "Trust" You.
May 2016 'Nasty Trick' ... Used By Microsoft? Never!
May 2016 Get Up To Speed With the Facts About GDPR
May 2016 Is France About To Ban Out of Hours Work Emails?
May 2016 Microsoft Gets Serious About Windows 10 Upgrade
May 2016 A Crash Course in Data Exhaust
May 2016 Facebook Moments. You've Been Recognised!
May 2016 Big Problem With Cyber Attack Awareness in UK Boardrooms
May 2016 UK’s ‘Greasy Spoons’ Enlisted to Help Tradespeople to Get Online
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Jun 2015 Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Support Ends July 14th
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