About Us.

The IT lansdcape in business has changed dramatically since we first setup in 1998.

With all the changes taking place in IT - at an ever increasing pace - we believe that it is more vital that ever that we work with our clients to develop a progressive IT support and management environment for them.

It's not good enough to simply be reactive and "fix things" when something goes wrong. We need to be proactive and continually work and communicate with our clients to ensure that they are working to an IT management plan which covers everything from future hardware upgrades to disaster recovery and business continuity.

We provide "IT support management plans" for our clients where we sit down and map-out exactly :

This is so much more effective than just "wait until it breaks".

Our innovation in terms of offering forward-thinking and proactive consultancy doesn't end there. All our clients are entitled to our Free IT training programme, where we help our clients understand their IT better and use their technology to the best of their ability.

Not only that, we also advise our clients how to avoid the pitfalls of modern business technology and practices and so we are happy to help with all aspects of threat awareness and compliance issues, in terms of consultancy, free training and advice.

For further information and to see how our free IT training programme works, check out our free IT Training offer here.

To your success!